December sessions available in NYC!

Hi everyone!

Do any of you need a pre-holidays purge? Need to de-clutter that closet / kitchen / brain before your mother visits? 

I will be in New York City for a week in December and available for sessions Monday Dec 14th - Friday 18th. Good timing, right? :-)

I have morning sessions and afternoon sessions available of between 3 and 4 hours. 

10am - 1pm (3 hours)
2pm - 5pm (3 hours)
2pm - 6pm (4 hours)

E-mail me at to book a session. Tell me your preferred date(s) and times. First come first served!

I look forward to helping you create some pre-holiday calm in your apartment!


Rates: $50 an hour, 3 hour minimum as I'm only in NYC for the week.