The expandance technique

My greatest lessons from expandance have ultimately been about fearlessness. The meditative technique goes beyond other types of sitting or moving meditation I've practiced. That is, it accesses deep awareness, calm acceptance, and loving-kindness...and also manages to make me feel like a better communicator and more confident in general. This technique has allowed me to give myself permission to take work, at play, and in my relationships with other people.

- Erica Frankel, New York



This technique brings together decades of professional ballet and contemporary dance training, teaching and choreography, Alexander technique study, Transforming Cellular Memory training, and experience in healing, theatre and public speaking. It is a healing movement technique unlike any other. If you’ve tried other intuitive forms of dance and longed to go even deeper into connection with your body, your spirit, the space or the other dancers in the room, I highly recommend the expandance technique. Whether you are a seasoned dancer, an athlete, or someone who has never danced before, this is a technique that can greatly help you move through life in a smoother, more intuitive manner.

When I first began performing improv, stories and character pieces, I had a tendency to overthink things. Studying the expandance technique with Rachel helped me become a more grounded, confident performer. Years later, I still use many of the techniques I learned from Rachel to prepare myself before a performance.

- Sarah Rainone, New York

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • I want to gain confidence in myself.
  • I love the feeling of freedom when I move and want to cultivate this on a deeper level.
  • I have a lot of self-judgement around my body and my figure and would like to be more accepting of myself.


  • I feel like I look foolish when I dance.
  • I have chronic pain in my back / knee / shoulder and want to be free of it.
  • I know meditation is good for me, but I have a hard time sitting still.


  • I want to find a way I can meditate and connect within that works for me.
  • I want to literally move through my fears.
  • I desire a deeper awareness of my body, so that I can prevent injury and illness in the future, and heal myself quicker.


  • I would like to dance, but I don’t know how.
  • I’m a professional dance artist and seek more connection, integrity and honesty in my work.
  • My job requires me to speak in public / give presentations / be on stage / perform / etc and I want to find a way to help me relax and be confident and centered in those situations.


  • I want to learn how to dance my feelings.
  • I want to get fit while at the same time learning to love myself for how I look in this moment.
  • I want to be able to navigate through my busy life and the streets of the city without stress.

The expandance technique can help with all the above, and more besides.

Working and performing with Rachel Wynne and expandance was an experience that has informed my professional dancing career in ways that I still am discovering. The centering and mindfulness exercises she incorporates into her process have not only become part of my daily warm up routine but also manifest in my daily life in a beautifully subtle way. As a director and choreographer, Rachel has a collaborative and wonderfully open minded and creative approach, trusting in the expandance process to lead us to our movement solutions and vision. As a healing modality, I feel that the expandance technique is wonderful for anyone looking to gain more awareness of their body, move through mental or emotional blocks that may have manifested physically in the body (for example as injuries or chronic conditions) and as a meditation practice. I highly recommend bringing her to your company or studio!  

- Hunt Parr, Dance Artist / Yoga Teacher, New York & Alaska


Dancing with expandance taught me how to listen when I improvise, and thereby connect with my center - the creative, intuitive god-self - through movement. With the help of Rachel’s expandance technique training, I experience deeper, less cerebral impulses and I create dance in the moment that is spontaneous, free and connected. expandance has helped me to take meditation from just formal cushion practice, to the art of movement.

- Matt Cichon, Yoga Teacher / Dancer, New York

It’s not just for dancers! The expandance technique is for anyone willing to grow, learn and move, and no prior dance experience is necessary. (Professional dancers - contact me for specialized workshops in injury prevention!)


To book a private expandance session or to inquire about group classes, please e-mail


  • Group classes are 90 mins and cost $20 - $30 depending on location
  • Private sessions are 90 mins and cost $150

Cash or check on the day is fine; please make checks payable to Rachel Wynne. If paying via PayPal please pay 48 hours in advance. Depending on the location and studio policy, cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance may be charged in full.

All sessions and classes currently take place in a dance studio in one of 2 locations:

  • Upper West Side, Manhattan (72nd Street - near 1, 2, 3 lines)
  • Midtown West, Manhattan (near Penn station - A, C, E, lines)

If you are interested in attending regular classes or sessions in a different part of the city, please contact me and we’ll set something up in a more convenient location for you.

What to wear / bring:

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in easily, and please make sure your pants aren’t too baggy as baggy pants are a tripping hazard. Bare feet. Most of my long-haired clients like to tie their hair back so it’s out of the way, but it’s up to you. Bring a bottle of water and, if you like, a small towel.



I teach all ages. These are photos of an expandance workshop in Bangalore, India, 2012. 

I found the workshop really refreshing. I came in thinking that it is all going to be about techniques and dance steps. But realised that to do all that, first you should learn to connect with your core self and body. That is when you can dance. Dance is about enjoying yourself :) – Arpita, Bangalore (Dancer of multiple genres with NaVaRaSa and software professional)

I am feeling extremely lighter and at peace. Kind of I have let go of some blockages inside me. I have never done this exercise before, which I enjoyed now. I had questions in my mind as to how this will help me. But now I have no questions, happy to experience this peace. I felt really nice and peaceful – Sharvari, Bangalore (Non-dancer)


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