I have 28 years of dance experience and over a decade of transformative healing work under my belt.
All of my services - expandance technique, de-cluttering, and transformative work - share a unifying theme: Energy In Motion.


The expandance Technique

Having started ballet at the age of 3 in Ireland, I continued to train in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance as a teenager, and gained a Joint B.A. Hons in Contemporary Dance and Theatre from De Montfort University (U.K.) before pursuing choreography as a career back in Ireland. One three-year module of my degree was the Alexander Technique, which got me interested in safe stretching techniques. I went on to choreograph for the Dublin Youth Dance Company, award-winning projects for Irish National Youth Dance Company, various film projects in Ireland and finally founded my own company, expandance. It was while continuing my training at Dance Space Center (now Dance New Amsterdam, NYC) and training in Thai Massage that I started to develop the expandance technique. I have been teaching it for the last 6 years to professional dancers and to non-dancers. I am a 3-time recipient of Arts Council of Ireland Awards for my dance work and have performed and taught in Ireland, the U.K., Austria, Belgium, India, Boston and New York.



I’ve been helping friends de-clutter and organize their spaces my whole life. I started as a child - I’d go on playdates with friends and by the time my mother picked me up, my friend would be proudly showing our parents how we had cleaned up and organized her bedroom. As someone who grew up in a cluttered home and who married a clutter-bug, I’ve looked at what creates clutter in our lives and spent a lot of time helping people get ‘back on track’, not just externally but internally. Having spent decades working in theatre (in admin, front-of-house, back stage, as a stage manager and event organizer) as well as years working in various offices in administrative and managerial positions, I have a lot of experience helping people get organized. I am practical to the core, and can help you create workable solutions in your home. What makes my professional organization and de-cluttering different: I work with you to find tools you can use every day to break the habit patterns, thought processes and emotional attachments that caused the clutter in the first place, helping you not just get organized once, but become an effortlessly organized, uncluttered, streamlined person!


Healing and Transformational work

I started training in Transforming Cellular Memory with Don Hanson over a decade ago. In 2007, having completed 1,500 hours of in-workshop training, as well as daily self-negotiated study, I was certified as a TCM facilitator, and have been running bi-weekly groups in TCM with my husband in New York City since 2009. I also give private sessions in person, over the phone and via Skype. In 2012 I completed Gems of Excellence II and am now a certified Geotran practitioner as well.